Why are we different – ten reasons for EKOSPOL


The longest tradition and high quality!

EKOSPOL has been on the Czech market for 28 years, the longest out of all big developers. We grew gradually from a small construction company all the way to the post of a leader of the development market.

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No overpriced heating, hidden agreements with suppliers or any other unfavourable agreements!

Unlike other developers, we do not make hostages out of our clients! We do not bound them by unfavourable and interminable agreements with services suppliers. We always build boiler rooms at our own cost and then we transfer them to the fellowship of apartment owners. The subsequent decisions on the changing of the gas supplier, internet provider or security service is entirely up to the apartment owners.


Apartments with the best value for money ratio!

In all our projects, you will find only apartments with the best value for money ratio. We are the only one of the big developers in the Czech Republic to usually have all the apartments sold out before their completion. We sell apartments of European quality!


The best housing locations!

EKOSPOL belongs to the biggest private owners of land plots in Prague and its surroundings. Thanks to this, we can offer the best housing locations which will meet the requirements of any customer. We choose the locations very carefully to make sure they will offer everything you love about living in Prague.

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We do business without loans!

EKOSPOL finances all its projects only from its own resources without any bank loans. We also never establish purposive companies which usually cease to exist after completion of the project. Therefore our clients can be sure that we guarantee the best quality with our name and with our company and all its equity.


Prestigious awards gained!

EKOSPOL´s projects are among the most awarded on the Czech market. We have gained several awards in the most prestigious competitions such as Construction of the Year, House of the Year – POROTHERM HOUSE Wienerberger and Façade of the Year. The owner of our company, Evžen Korec, gained the Manager of the Year of the Construction, Leasing and Development in Real Estate Sector award in 2013.


Stable prices even on mortgage!

EKOSPOL does not increase the basic prices of the apartments, not even when bought on mortgage.



Guarantee of one of the most stable Czech companies!

EKOSPOL is the only residential developer in the Czech Republic to belong among the 100 Most Stable Czech Companies of all fields each year since the crisis year of 2009. The objective assessment is done each year according to economic indicators by the independent Czech Capital and Information Agency ČEKIA. This is a guarantee for our clients that their apartment will be finished on time and in agreed quality.


Clear ownership structure and reinvestment of profits!

EKOSPOL has always been a profitable company. We are generating constant profit and we have no debts because we reinvest most of the profit into the company. Since our ownership structure is clear – the only owners are Evžen and Jana Korec – our clients know exactly who they entrust their money to.

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Above-standard service from electricity meter to payments for input power!

We take pride in fair and friendly approach to all our clients. We are constantly looking for new ways to make your journey to the new apartment as pleasant and easy as possible. For example, the installation and registration of the electricity meters in your flat will be done by our colleagues from EKOSPOL – for you at your new home – so that electricity is already working once you take over your flat. And we pay for the first input power due after installing a new electricity meter.


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